Currently, I am an associate professor of mathematics at the University of Arkansas. Previously, I was a VIGRE post-doc at the University of Utah working with Anurag Singh. My research covers a broad number of topics from algebra, number theory and computer science. My graduate work was completed at the University of Connecticut where I worked with Keith Conrad in mathematics and Thomas Peters/Alexander Russell in computer science. I also worked in support of an IBM fellowship with Kirk Jordan.

I am also an avid competitive ballroom dancer. While at UConn, I competed in all four styles through to the open level and now focus on the international 10 dance. I have studied with Suzanne Hamby, Mazen Hamza, Paul Holmes, Mark Sheldon, Gunnar Sverrisson, Helle Rusholt, Andrea Tatton, Tone Jacobson, Larinda McRaven, and Morten Jensen.